Welcome ! Gabe Johnson aka Brother Gabe has been creating, presenting, furthering and chasing joyous, soulful music for his whole life. In fact, it’s safe to say that musical inspiration is Brother Gabe’s one true religion and he lives every day devoted to the furtherance of the idea that bringing people together through the inspirational force of music is the most effective way to build community, bring joy and inspire human beings. Brother Gabe’s new album, FireOnyx, will be released on December 18th. Co-produced by Brother Gabe & Steve "Swatkins" Watkins, is a compilation of Gabe's best compositions. This remarkable album features some of the best players & singers that the West Coast has to offer: Swatkins on keys/vox, Ze Rox on lead vox on 7 tracks, Tyrone Hendrix on drums/percussion, Andre Zapata on bass, Paul Creighton on lead and backing vox on 2 tracks, Joshua Cliburn on sax, Arietta Ward on backing vox and of course, Brother Gabe on all guitars, some keys and backing vox. FireOnyx has not just been created in the hopes it will hold legacy and renown as a Soul/Funk/Pop classic album, it’s indeed an exploration of universal themes of love & loss, indulgence & restraint, strength & weakness and of course, life & death. As these tracks are released & revealed to the world, Brother Gabe & Swatkins hope that the fiery and ironic duality of life is revealed through this record in a way that makes you feel both enlightened and bear-hugged. THAT, my friends, is the intention...fiercely tough and endlessly forgiving love. Brother Gabe & Swatkins LOVE you all deeply and hope that you feel it all as deeply and as soulfully as this group of good friends who blessed them on this record, feel it. Here's to inspiration and deliverance !