1. Broker

From the recording FireOnyx

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Artist Name: BROTHER GABE (feat. Ze Rox & Swatkins)
Album Name: FIREONYX
Produced by Gabe “Brother Gabe” Johnson & Steve “Swatkins” Watkins
Recorded & Engineered by Raymond Richards & Brud Giles at B-Side Studios, Portland, OR
Mixed by Brud Giles at B-Side Studios, Portland, OR
Mastered by Mark Chalecki at Little Red Book Mastering
All songs published by Pocket Process Music (BMI)
Composer: G. Johnson
BROTHER GABE – Guitars, Wurlitzer, Hand Claps & Backing Vox
SWATKINS – Hammond Organ, Hand Claps & Backing Vox
TYRONE HENDRIX – Drums, Percussion & Hand Claps
ANDRE ZAPATA – Bass & Hand Claps
ARIETTA WARD – Backing Vox


Jeffree walked downtown, to the pawn broker
Down to hock his gear
With a dime and a Benjamin in his pocket
His mind is so far from here
Strolls around the projects off of Broad Street
The pimps and two bit junkies leer
Passes through the red light of the meat market
He feels his loot disappear
Why don’t you give it away ? x4

Ben grabbed the hat from high up in the closet
and stumbled down the squeaky steps
Puts a hanging price tag upon the brim
and puts in the box marked “for sale”
His father worked as a tailor in New Hope
Back when a song was worth just a cent
He’d put the hat out, and serenade the passers-by
When he was just a few dollars short on rent
Why don’t you give it away ? x8

I don’t want you to go x8
Why don’t you give it away ? x8