1. Gray

From the recording FireOnyx

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Artist Name: BROTHER GABE (feat. Ze Rox & Swatkins)
Album Name: FIREONYX
Produced by Gabe “Brother Gabe” Johnson & Steve “Swatkins” Watkins
Recorded & Engineered by Raymond Richards & Brud Giles at B-Side Studios, Portland, OR
Mixed by Brud Giles at B-Side Studios, Portland, OR
Mastered by Mark Chalecki at Little Red Book Mastering
All songs published by Pocket Process Music (BMI)
Composers: G. Johnson, K. Emerson
ZE ROX – All Vox
SWATKINS – Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Synths
TYRONE HENDRIX – Drums & Percussion


Carla Gray on the 28
Headin' into town 2 hours late
What she found when she hit the ground
Another time and place
Staring into faces frozen in reply
Judgement passed from somewhere up on high
We all knew someone, baby

Summer's come and gone and I didn't meet nobody
Is that really what was on my mind ?
Now I'm wondering if it's safe to dream of a future
Or should I be bracing for an end ?

Talk talk, find a way to even out
Turn it on, looking for a way to doubt
That millions more should die for the millions that went before, no no.
Carla went to see Jamie working 8 to 8
Try to make the pain go away
Good friend woke up early and never came home

There's a baseball game
Tell me what was at the movies
Is that really what we talked about
We had so many plans for the future
Never thought of bracing for an end

Never knew what it meant to lose
The things we care about, things we took for granted
It's all, it's all over, it's comin down around me x4
It's all over x4
Comin down around me x4